Fitness Schedule


  • Aqua Arthritis: This class is in the therapy pool. It is a safe and gentle stretching and range of motion class designed specifically for those with arthritis and joint issues of any age. 30 min (Therapy Pool)
  • Aqua Fitness: An aerobic type of class in the water. Excellent for those with sore joints or those looking for no impact. This class will also help improve flexibility, balance, and strength.  All fitness levels welcome. Foam weights/pool noodles used.  Shallow and deep options.  45 min. (Pool)

  • Chair Yoga: A gentle yoga session making use of a chair in the majority of the class. It is intended to improve flexibility, range of motion and to focus on breathing. There may be a standing portion to exercise balance. No exercises on the floor.  30 min. (Community Room)

  • Dance Fitness: If you like to dance and you’re looking for a fun way to enhance your physical fitness, this class is for you! This is a fun and effective calorie burning routine that’s choreographed to high energy music. 45 min. (Community Room)

  • Fit over 50: Tailored to meet the needs of any age not wanting high impact. This is a safe and gentle fitness class. Improve your cardio, range of motion and your muscles at your own pace. Listen to high energy classics and have fun! A step and dumbbells may be used. All fitness levels welcomed. Mat is usually necessary. 45 min. (Community Room)

  • Interval Circuit: This is designed for the athlete in all of us. The “boot camp style” group fitness class takes place on our running track and uses various Interval Training formulas to guarantee an effective, fun and sweaty workout. A variety of equipment will be used. All fitness levels welcomed.  45-60 min (Track)

  • Senior Power: Whether you want to improve flexibility, balance, endurance, or muscle mass this class will help with that. Consists of a short strength and cardio component. Dumbbells/bands used, no exercises on the floor. 30 min (Community Room)

  • Shadow Kombat - The purpose of this class is to introduce the fundamental techniques of Classic or Orthodox Boxing in a limited or non-contact environment as a component of a fitness program. Participants will learn the posture or stance used in boxing. The basic movements and striking techniques or punches used in Classic Boxing. Elements of Self-defense are introduced as well. Since core training is important to boxing fitness, the class will have an element of core and abdominal training. 45 min. (Track)

  • Step & Tone: Dynamic and creative moves are incorporated to create a fun and effective calorie burning routine that’s choreographed to high energy music. The steps vary intermittently with both lower and upper body toning movements that can be combined with dumbbells for increased resistance. The elevated step adds another level of aerobic fitness while improving endurance and stamina. 45 min (Community Room) 
  • TRX Circuit: 45 min (Track) 
  • Yoga: A great class to try yoga for the first time or to deepen an established yoga practice. This class focuses on developing strength and flexibility using a variety of yoga postures combined with breathing techniques to focus the mind and restore the body. Mat required.  45-60 min (Community Room)