Splash Cash Rules


  • No one under the age of 18 may register a number.
  • You can join SPLASH-CASH anytime.
  • You can register more than one number.
  • For each number played a separate registration ticket will need to be completed.
  • By registering, you agree to have your name, photograph, ticket number and Jackpot Prize published should your number be drawn.
  • When registration tickets are collected from the SPLASH-CASH boxes, the information from the tickets will be added to the computer database.
  • Your registration ticket will then be put into the locked drum.
  • It is a permanent number!  The ticket will remain in the drum indefinitely.
  • The weekly winning number will be drawn from this drum.


  • All SPLASH-CASH   boxes will be picked up Wednesday morning, so it is best to play by Tuesday evening.
  • SPLASH-CASH money is picked up several times a week at each location. Boxes contain very little cash at any given time.
  • The last location picked up is Nutrien Civic Centre, on Wednesday at approximately 11:30 am.
  • The draw will take place on each Wednesday afternoon and results will be posted on our website https://www.nutrienciviccentre.com and Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/NutrienCivicCentre
  • Winners will be contacted using the information provided in their registration. It is your responsibility to ensure registration information remains current.
  • A photo ID is required to collect your winnings and must be presented in person.
  • Winners consent to the use of their name and photograph for publicity purposes.
  • Weekly draws without a winner (registration number not paid that week), will result in the pot being transferred to the next draw.
  • Winnings will be paid by cheque in the exact name provided on the registration ticket

Every reasonable effort will be made to contact the SPLASH-CASH   Prize Winner. Winnings unclaimed after 90 days may be placed in a special draw or added back to the Pot at the discretion of Splash Cash organizers.

Tickets are not transferable from one name to another under any circumstances.

Lottery License#: 1807444 56 000

Publication of the winner is posted on Thursdays in various locations but primarily on our website and at the Nutrien Civic Centre

Communication outlets will include:

  • Nutrien Civic Centre – Web Page and Facebook Page
  • Sussex News Chasers

Managing registration numbers that are withdrawn by the player:

  • All notifications to withdraw a registration number must be done in writing. Identification must be presented.

How to Play

  • Each player is responsible for writing their correct number on their toonie including the letter “C”. Once your toonie has been placed in the box it becomes the property of Fundy Civic Centre Inc. O/A the Nutrien Civic Centre.
  • Bring your OWN toonie. Locations will not be able to supply change.
  • Due to the high number of toonies being counted each week we will not be able to accommodate players who have made errors in writing their numbers.
  • No refunds.
  • You can only play one toonie per number, per week, at any of the SPLASH-CASH box locations. Extras will be deposited as a $2 donation.
  • Place a toonie in the box CORRECT SPLASH-CASH box for each number you play. Placing in another fundraiser box will be a NON-WINNER if ticket is drawn.
  • Please write your number clearly on GREEN sticker and underline due to numbers that are hard to identify such as: 6 or 9.
  • Please, use only ONE STICKER PER TOONIE.

Pre-pay can be done:

  • at the Civic Centre by cheque, cash, credit or debit;
  • over the phone to Civic Centre by credit card;
  • e-transfer to splashcash@nutrienciviccentre.com with splash as the password,
  • by dropping a cheque in the toonie box at any one of our locations, pay to order of Nutrien Civic Centre/Fundy Civic Centre Inc, and stating ticket # on memo line. Pre-pay can be done at your choice of 3 months for $26, 6 months for $52 or 12 months for $104.

You must be a resident of New Brunswick