Sussex Swordfish Swim Club

Pre- Competitive and Competitive Swimming Program for all Ages

Build Self Esteem / Gain Confidence / Improve Fitness & Self Determination while making new friends and improving your swimming skills

The main objective of the Sussex Swordfish is to provide each swimmer with a high level of coaching to achieve goals of fitness. sportsmanship and stroke development. Having achieved a minimum skill level athletes will have the opportunity to compete with the other swimmers throughout the Atlantic Provinces in age group competitions.

Swim Club Program

Green - Introductory Course Tuesdays and Thursdays x 45 minutes for 10 weeks 4:45-6:30 pm   

Blue - Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00-6:30pm                                                                         

Bronze - Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5:00:6:30 pm                                                     

Silver - Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5:00:6:30 pm                                                        

Gold - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 5:00:7:00pm                          

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