Swimming Lessons

Your Path to Swim Safety!

Fall Swimming Lessons

Registration start September 9th

Wednesday Lessons start September 25th

10:00am : Parented (pending staff availability)

10:30am : Unparented (pending staff availability)

4:00pm : Starfish to SeaOtter (parented),

4:30pm SeaOtter to Level 1 (unparented), Level 6 & Level 7

5:00pm Level 3 & Level 4

5:30pm Level 2, Level 5

7:15pm Level 8 to Level 10

 Saturday lessons start September 28th

9:00am SeaOtter to Sunfish (unparented), Level 3, Level 5

9:30am Starfish to Sea Otter (parented), Level 4, Level 6

10:15am Starfish to SeaOtter (parented), Level 2, Level 7

10:45am Level 1, Crocodile - Whale

11:15am Level 8 to Level 10

Sunday Lessons start September 29th

1:00pm Starfish to SeaOtter (parented), Level 3, Level 5

1:30pm SeaOtter to Sunfish (unparented), level 4,

2:00pm Starfish to SeaOtter (parented), Level 2,

2:30pm Level 1, Crocodile - Whale, Level 6 & Level 7

5:45pm Level 8 to Level 10

Swimming lessons are complimentary with any membership at the NCC. Since the lessons span over an 8-week period, a current membership must be carried over a 3-month period entitling them to one lesson set during that time.


Level Lessons

Levels 1 to 10 are featured. Please consider joining our affiliated swim club as well, the Sussex Swordfish!!