Rainbow Printing

Starting as a small, local print shop in the Maritimes over 30 years ago, Rainbow Printing Ltd. has always been dedicated to superior customer service and a personal hands on approach with every one of our clients. Most of our loyal staff have been with us since our New Brunswick presses started running, radiating that feeling of familiarity and family every time you step into our shop.

Our commitment to providing superior commerical printing services has allowed us to continually grow, opening new opportunities for our print shop in the digital printing realm. RSTL is continually involved in research and development to stay on top of security advances. In conjunction with Rainbow Security Technologies Ltd., our operations have exploded exponentially within our security printing division, though it hasn’t come at the cost of our small business values or integrity to our long-time, faithful customers. There’s a reason we see the same faces from our customer base returning year after year!

As a multi-generation family owned and operated, commercial offset and digital printing operation, our print technologies and equipment are always changing with the dynamic industry. Our family-first, personal approach hasn’t.