Birthday Parties

Cost: $50.00 payment required upon BOOKING

• Admission for 10 kids to pool during a public swim
          ~Additional kids/adults permitted access for $5.oo each
• Community Room for one hour with access to tables, chairs, and refrigerator
• One adult per child UNDER 5 years of age will be admitted free
• Swimming must occur before use of Community Room

BOUNCY CASTLE ADD ON: $25.00 payment required upon BOOKING
          • Use of Bouncy Castle plus an extra half hour in the Community Room (200 lbs weight limit)

Payment is required when booking a Birthday Party Rental

 • Patrons must abide by pool rules and final say is given by lifeguards
          • Children aged 5 and under MUST be accompanied by a swimming adult
          • 3 Adults per 10 kids aged 5 and under are required
• Refunds will not be given for cancellations made less than five days before rental date
• Refunds will not be provided after the start of the activity
• Inappropriate language or conduct will not be permitted
• Damage or vandalism to property of the Nutrien Civic Centre will be paid by the rental group at that time