Legal Information

To insure the safety of all, please note the following guidelines.


  • A guardian must be 16 years of age or older.

FOR MEMBERS ONLY: You can apply to have a 13-15 years old supervise family members that are 12 and under. Conditions apply, see Guest Services for details. Note: Waivers expire after 6 months. 

  • Children 12 and under must have a parent/guardian in the building at all times
  • Children 13-15 must have a waiver signed by a parent/guardian on file, but can be in the building on their own.
  • Children 5 and under must be accompanied by a parent/guardian into the pools and must be in the same pool as the parent/guardian.
  • Children 6 and older must be able to demonstrate that they can swim on their own in order to not have a parent/guardian accompany them into the pool.
  • Children under 12 are not permitted in the Fitness Centre.
  • Children aged 12-14 must take our Fit Start Orientation and be approved by Fitness Centre staff in order to use the Fitness Centre. 
  • Children aged 12, after taking our Fit Start Orientation, still require a parent in the facility at all times.
  • Children under 12 are not permitted on the Track without a Guardian present.