The regular meeting of Board of Directors of the FUNDY CIVIC CENTRE INC. was held at Wesley Hall on Wednesday, September 27, 2017, 2017 beginning at 7:00pm.



Brenda Leask                                                     Town of Sussex

Doug O’Leary                                                     Parish of Studholm

Nelson Ball                                                          Parish of Waterford

Raya Khedheri, Secretary                             Parish of Studholm

Shelly Vail                                                            Kingswood University

Alex Coffin                                                          Manager of Potash Corp Civic Centre

Patsy Shay                                                          Village of Sussex Corner

Nicole Clement                                                 Village of Norton

Kirk Sabine, Vice-President                         Kingswood University

Bridget Ryan, Chair                                          Town of Sussex

Kevin Maillet, Treasurer                                                Town of Sussex

Sherwood DeLong                                           Facilities, Potash Corp Civic Centre




Jodi Totton Cummings                                   Parish of Sussex

Barb Daley                                                          Parish of Cardwell


1.       Call to order


2.       Old Business

The provincial government would like to know how we are going to solve the issues at the Civic centre and how are going to resolve the problems. They want us to provide them with something different. Hence, the presentation of the United Way recommendations.


3.       New Business

Bridget has a meeting with Minister Serge Rouselle on Friday. He just sent her an email and she will be meeting with him in Fredericton. She would like to discuss what this meeting should comprise of. One thing she would like to share that she that there is no legal agreement between the LSD’s and the civic center in regards to the property tax contribution. However, the LSDs all did vote and agree on this arrangement.

Provincial letter of agreement – talks about how all the LSDs are all represented here and how the province would support this.

We need a legal agreement – just one signed by the four municipalities and signed by the   minister.

Wondering when the decision will be made by the Minister and if it is a yes can we be told when as we would need it sooner and query as to whether it would be monthly or quarterly basis.


Bridget would also like to bring up the various donations that have been made to date by the Women’s Institute, The 100 Women Who Care, Amsterdam Inn, Sharp’s Foundation, Leap Funding from the dinner in honour of Greg Zed, and a local group of physicians in support of the Cardiac Care Centre.


Having an LSD vote would be very costly, and we would like to know how much this would cost.


*Monday, October 2nd – Ryan Donaghy has requested that Bridget be at a meeting with all the LSD boards at the civic centre at 6:30pm. She would like as many of the board members able to come be present as representative of their boards.


We would like to request that this meeting not be held until the questions are prepared in advance of five days.



Nelson Ball motioned that the cheque in the amount of $50 000 donated by the Sharp Foundation be deposited in the capital account, seconded by Doug.


Alex would like to raise the question that this might not be a good idea in that if more funding doesn’t come through and would not have access to it for possible closing costs etc.

Kevin Maillet, questioned as to whether we could put it into another reserve fund.

We still have some outstanding bills – e.g. in arrears of HST, $14 000 (board could be liable for this).


Nelson then motioned that we table this decision until October and Doug seconded the motion.  Motion tabled.


                                                                                                                Motion 09-27-17-303-17-69 Tabled

*Tax receipt required for that $50, 000 donation.


In looking since the possible closure notice, September cut payroll in half, swim lessons are continuing, this is paying for the lifeguards.



4.       Manager’s report

Discussion of how things have been going since September. Overall, Alex feels the hours are working for the general public (there will always be those that are unhappy with the hours).


Bridget would like to see the swim team members purchasing memberships (then they could participate in yoga and dryland training etc.).


Alex will send a report tomorrow with comparatives.

He is giving a full August comparison.

We are looking good until October and paying for NB power bills. Power bill is not in yet (Alex guesses about 10, 000), Wages are approximately $8 000 biweekly. Previously around $15000.

Generated versus spending (without any guaranteed money).


Any projections for future month? Brought in $30 000 in September (includes fundraising).

Expenses – operating costs roughly for September (unforeseen having to replace pool cleaner - $5 000),


Bridget would like to have some of these numbers (report from Alex) by Friday to present with her meeting with the Minister.


Obligations that we still have from the Centre – Ellen Watters fund, bills that we have paid on their behalf. ($6900, tennis club $500, wall of fame $680)

GST - $14 000

Power bill – Kevin just signed another cheque for $8 000. And we will owe another

$12 000 for the last bill and probably another $10 000 projected incoming.

$20 000 still owed to Alex,

Roughly $75 000 owed in total.


There is still $20 000 in the capital bank account.

$16 000 left in our line of credit.


Kevin shared that if worse came to worse we would be liable as a board for the HST. There would be many steps that would have to happen for that to be the case, but he just wanted us to be aware.


Kirk asked Kevin as the treasurer, if he would be able to bring a financial report each month to the board meetings. He said that would depend on Alex. If they could meet to prepare these each month for the meetings.


Currently, Alex has felt a lot of pressure with the audit. This has been very time consuming.

Bridget feels that the minister’s office can wait, we already know we are in debt.


Kirk would like to see what our September outcomes have been thus far (membership revenue) so we can evaluate what to do next.


With the business plan, the marketing plan has been going well with Erika deWinter. What Erika brings forward will be part of the business plan. Alex has also been working with Steve Roberts form the Regional Service Commission and a lady from the Y. We now have an operations committee, comprised of Bruce Jewer, Sherwood, John DeWinter, and Alex. Part of what was presented as part of the business plan, he is not coming forward with any engineering or cleaning help.



Long term strategy in terms of operation – do we want to have a cleaner or retain what we currently have (retained facilities/maintenance).

Finance committee for funding (admin role) but didn’t look at cleaners.

Black and MacDonald – Sherwood would say about $8 000 per year.

They are in every three months, greasing, checking belts etc.

How is the communication with them when they are coming and going? Sherwood feels they are good with the communication. 30 0r 40 different things they do each month.

Sherwood feels like the place is running fine, just don’t think that people realized the price for the cost of running it.


Mid October we hope to know the answer.


Sherwood feels that we should still be closing the pool for two weeks for maintenance. Bridget reports that we will be doing that, but just postponing it.

Discussion of what the maintenance and refilling the pool would entail. Possibly looking at donations of warm water from Plaggenborgs (could get in kind donations tax receipts).


Ralph Cunningham went to see Kirk and wondered if they could help in any way. He wasn’t sure who he was referring to in terms of people (included John DeWinter?). He felt it was vague as to what he was offering in terms of support etc. Possibly an offer as to whether money could be saved through power etc.


Couple of suggestions – turning down the hot water tank heating, changing over to LED lighting.


New Business cont’d

Letter from John DeWinter – after tour of the civic centre. Suggestions presented. E.g. energy management, cleaning practices etc. Operational committee, setting priorities…


Road shows – still not sure if we are having to go out to the LSDs, but the possibility is there that we will have to go to all the LSDs.


Should we start preparing for this now…Nelson feels that we need to wait until we gets a minister’s decision.


November and December plans are unknown at this point. Decisions will be need to most likely mid-October. Also, due to this we will probably need to have more meetings.



Nelson motioned the meeting be adjourned, Doug seconded the motion.


                                                                                                                Motion 09-30-17-304-17-69 Carried        



*Next regular board meeting will be held on October 25th, 2017.