The regular meeting of Board of Directors of the FUNDY CIVIC CENTRE INC. was held at Wesley Hall on Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 beginning at 7:00pm.



Brenda Leask                                                     Town of Sussex

Doug O’Leary                                                     Parish of Studholm

Kirk Sabine, Vice-President                         Kingswood University

Nelson Ball                                                          Parish of Waterford

Raya Khedheri, Secretary                             Parish of Studholm

Shelly Vail                                                            Kingswood University

Alex Coffin                                                          Manager of Potash Corp Civic Centre

Bridget Ryan, Chair                                          Town of Sussex

Patsy Shay                                                          Village of Sussex Corner

Nicole Clement                                                 Village of Norton




Kevin Maillet, Treasurer                                                Town of Sussex

Jodi Totton-Cummings                                  Parish of Sussex

Barb Daley                                                          Parish of Cardwell



1.       CALL TO ORDER

Bridget Ryan, called the regular meeting to order at 7:00pm.




-          We began with a discussion of the proposed membership prices that Alex had brought forth at a previous meeting. This included prices that would only include only the gym usage and a separation of the all-inclusive memberships (that have always been in place previously).

-          Bridget had requested that if we are to make big philosophical changes such as this that we need to have motions in place at our meetings. But currently, the public is now aware of these rates, so it is difficult to make any changes.

-          The implementation of a gate was again brought forth so that we could ensure that only paying members were entering. Alex feels as well that a secured gate should be require for all entrances as in many such comparable facilities.



-          Alex presented the 9 month financial update – handed copies to all members.

-          Janice who does primarily the Fitness aqua classes, will be leaving for another job in Saint John.

Human Resources:

-          Currently there is no Fitness Coordinator.

-          Alex is concerned with Peter not keeping the scheduled hours that he says he is keeping. He is leaving the building when he says he is there and not shown up for work at times.

-          The documentation that Alex has currently includes the fact that he hasn’t scanned in on times when he says he is there as well as another instructor reporting his absence.

-          Discussion of how this should be addressed. Bridget and Kirk prefer for Alex to go to Peter and see what the issues are that he is not meeting the assigned schedule, and as to how this can improve (even if it means he needs to cut back his own schedule).

-          Kirk also suggested reducing his hours possibly and/or a probationary period.

-          Meeting with another employee tomorrow at the Civic Centre -parent of an employee who is upset by the dismissal of his daughter. There is a meeting tomorrow with the parent, Alex, Bridget and she would like to have another board member present. Alex had dismissed her for hanging out in the guard room, hanging out front desk talking among other concerns. There needs to be some stipulations in place such as no involvement from the mother hanging out in the pool area etc.


Banking – July 1st we receive the rest of the money from the LSD’s and in August an amount from PCS. We have a SEED grant for students and hopefully some extra from summer camps. Alex feels we can get through to September.



Report presented by Bridget (put together by Scott, Paul and Tara from Town)


1.       Hire an accountant to come in and give us the actual projected deficit number for July 31st, 2017.

2.       Couple of recommendations – committee together to go through the report to see what can be done or restructured financially to find out the actual true number the board will have to ask for from the LSD’s.

3.       Committee together and want it operational and information by the middle of June.

4.       John Buckley suggested Rick Sear to come in and do this accounting (CGA). If we could get him.

5.       We can’t go forward with Alex doing all these jobs, these areas need to be separated.


Food for thought:

Monies that could be available from the community that the board may not be completely aware of (e.g. PCS – Cam Baker, United funds, RDC, etc.)

Kevin needs to be on this committee if he is on the Board. Alex needs to be on the committee.

Needs to be done by three weeks so we can write this letter to the minister asking for further funding. (Need to know exactly what we are asking for).

Discussion of various people who could be a good in house accountant for the Civic Centre. Alex needs a backup person on site.






Doug motioned that we will move ahead with this proposed committee to put together information that will be able to be presented to the Minister. This committee will be able to clarify what amount exactly we are asking for. This motion was seconded by Shelly Vail.

                                                                                                                   Motion 05-31-17-295-17-66 Carried






Shelly Vail motioned that the meeting be adjourned and Doug 0’Leary seconded the motion.


                                                                                                                Motion 05-31-17-296-17-66 Carried





*Next meeting will be June 28th, 2017 at 7pm.




*Motion (via email):

Doug O’Leary motioned that we hire Donna Floyd as an accountant to do an up to date budget in order to know where we stand in regards to finances at the Potash Corp Centre, enabling us to know what direction to once we have this information. This motion was seconded by Brenda Leask. 


                                                                        Motion 05-31-17-297-17-66 Carried