The regular meeting of Board of Directors of the FUNDY CIVIC CENTRE INC. was held at Wesley Hall on Wednesday April 24th, 2019 beginning at 7:00pm.


Brenda Leask                                                 Town of Sussex

Raya Khedheri, Secretary                             Parish of Studholm

Zachery Black                                                 Manager of Potash Corp Civic Centre

Doug O’Leary                                                  Parish of Studholm

Doug Bobbitt, Vice Chair                               Village of Sussex Corner

Dan Reicker, Treasurer                                  Town of Sussex

Clarence Bennett                                           Parish of Sussex

Jonathan Grimes                                            Kingswood University

Marshall Fanjoy                                              Parish of Waterford

Shelley Vail                                                     Kingswood University

Jeff Gaunce                                                    Village of Norton


Barb Daley                                                          Parish of Cardwell

1.       The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by standing chair, Doug Bobbitt.

2.       Doug O’Leary motioned the agenda for January’s meeting be approved. This was seconded by Brenda Leask.
Motion 24-04-19-382-04-87 Carried 

3.       Shelley Vail motioned the minutes from February’s meeting be approved and this was seconded by Jonathan Grimes
Motion 24-04-19-383-04-87 Carried   

4.       Manager Report –-Presentation of report by Zachery (attached).

In regards to this report, there was some discussion on finances, income statements, certification and professional development.

 Jeff Gaunce motioned that $5000.00 of the budget be allocated towards staff professional development funds and this will be distributed by Zac at his discretion.

Doug O’Leary seconded the motion
Motion 24-04-19-384-04-87 Carried

5.       Committee reports:

Maintenance Committee – Shelley will attend the May maintenance meeting, but she has asked to be taken off this committee due to work conflict. We will either need to find a replacement or will continue with emails and correspondence to keep the board up to date. Shelley will also discuss the scheduled pool shut down with the committee and report back to the board next meeting.

 Nominating Committee - Executive positions discussed.

Two new board members, Clarence Bennett and Marshall Fanjoy were introduced.

 Doug O’Leary motioned that Doug Bobbitt be nominated for the position of Chair for the board of the Fundy Civic Centre and this motion was seconded by Shelley Vail.

Motion 24-04-19-385-04-87 Carried

 Raya Khedheri motioned that Jonathan Grimes be nominated to the position of Vice Chair, and this was seconded by Doug O’Leary.

Motion 24-04-19-386-04-87 Carried

 We are still in the process of replacing our Town of Sussex board member and Doug Bobbitt will put forward a name of an interested candidate for further decision. This person could have a beneficial skill set to bring to the table in terms of the maintenance of the centre.  

6.       Shelley motioned we adjourn the meeting.
Motion 24-01-19-387-04-87 Carried

                *Next meeting to be held on May 29th, 2019.