The regular meeting of Board of Directors of the FUNDY CIVIC CENTRE INC. was held at Wesley Hall on Wednesday January 30th, 2019 beginning at 7:00pm.


Brenda Leask                                                     Town of Sussex

Raya Khedheri, Secretary                             Parish of Studholm

Alex Coffin                                                          Manager of Potash Corp Civic Centre

Doug O’Leary                                                    Parish of Studholm

Doug Bobbitt, Vice Chair                               Village of Sussex Corner

Dan Reicker, Treasurer                                  Town of Sussex

Jodi Totton-Cummings                                  Parish of Sussex

Jonathan Grimes                                              Kingswood University

Nelson Ball                                                          Parish of Waterford

Blair Hyslop                                                         Town of Sussex

Shelley Vail                                                         Kingswood University

Jeff Gaunce                                                        Village of Norton

Barb Daley                                                          Parish of Cardwell

Zachery Black                                                     Business Manager


1.       The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by the new standing chair, Doug Bobbitt.

 2.       Doug O’Leary motioned the agenda for January’s meeting be approved. This was seconded by Nelson Ball.    

            Motion 30-01-19-371-01-85 Carried

 3.       Shelley Vail motioned the minutes from December’s meeting be approved and this was seconded by Doug O’Leary.

  Motion 30-01-19-372-01-85 Carried

 4.       The Maintenance Report was presented by Zachery Black. Discussion was on costs, recommendations and suggestions to improve the efficiency of the center including lighting, and heating systems. Our board recommendation was that we invite someone to come and give us a fifteen minute presentation to further investigate and before we make any decisions.

5.       Manager Report – Alex presented his last manager’s report.

6.       Business Manager Report

-Presentation of Business and Operational Plan by Zachery

-Zachery provided a budget proposal.

 Blair motioned that the budget report be approved and this was seconded by Nelson.

                                                                                                                                Motion 30-01-19-373-01-85 Carried

                    Zachery the provided an estimated income statement.

                    Dan motioned that we accept the financials as present and Doug O’Leary seconded it.

                                                                                                                                Motion 30-01-19-374-01-85 Carried


Zachery presented a marketing proposal for Corporate Memberships and Corporate   Partnership Opportunities.

Nelson motioned we allow Zac to move ahead with the new marketing proposal for Corporate memberships and opportunities. Barb seconded the motion.

                                                                                                               Motion 30-01-19-375-01-85 Carried

Signing Authority

Nelson motioned that Raya, Dan and Zac have signing authority. This was seconded by Blair.

                                                                                                                                Motion 30-01-19-376-01-85 Carried

7.       Strategic plan update

March 27th will be our AGM, and nominating committee will be led by Nelson. Our goal is to have a short meet and greet of the new Business manager and structure (5:30pm), before followed by the AGM (6:00pm) and then our regular monthly board meeting (7:00pm).

 We had some discussion about the proposed internal structure of the organization of the civic Centre. Doug B is going to talk to Zac about a few modifications and then will email the latest version out for a vote on email.

8.       Blair motioned we adjourn the meeting.

  Motion 30-01-19-377-01-85 Carried

                *Next meeting to be held on February 27th, 2019.