The regular meeting of Board of Directors of the FUNDY CIVIC CENTRE INC. was held at Wesley Hall on Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 beginning at 7:00pm.



Brenda Leask                                                     Town of Sussex

Doug O’Leary                                                     Parish of Studholm

Nelson Ball                                                          Parish of Waterford

Raya Khedheri, Secretary                             Parish of Studholm

Shelly Vail                                                            Kingswood University

Alex Coffin                                                          Manager of Potash Corp Civic Centre

Patsy Shay                                                          Village of Sussex Corner

Nicole Clement                                                 Village of Norton

Bridget Ryan, Chair                                          Town of Sussex



Kevin Maillet, Treasurer                                                Town of Sussex

Kirk Sabine, Vice-President                         Kingswood University




1.      Call to Order

Bridget Ryan, called the regular meeting to order at 7:00pm.


2.      Manager’s report – Alex presented some of the financials including a payment plan to NB power biggest payable. Just over $6,000 payable to Ellen fund.

Two months approximately $10 000 for memberships from Kingswood.

Alannah will be leaving we hope just temporarily (marketing at the Civic Centre)

Dave, Kendra are the only lay-offs.



3.       Chair report - Bridget met with John deWinter - $5,000 was guaranteed, we will have access to the $2500.00 if needed or for marketing.

The money is there if we absolutely need it (example for staff), but will be kept in marketing until that time.

Marketing consortium: Alex, Alannah (who will be out), Erika deWinter, and Bridget would like to have a volunteer from the board, someone who has an interest or background in marketing. Jodi has agreed to take on that role.

Blair Hyslop and John deWinter would be interested in sitting in on the first marketing meeting at least.

Discussion on their involvement and how they don’t want to be stepping on any toes, but it seemed to be the general consensus that this board would appreciate the support/input of these two men being involved.


Nelson Ball motioned that we as a board would accept the support of Blair Hyslop and John DeWinter in terms of marketing and support in helping with the Civic Centre. This motion was seconded by Doug O’Leary.                                                      

                                                                                                                Motion 08-30-17-301-17-68 Carried


Also, more discussion on accepting support from their engineers including the running of a salt water pool (e.g. chemicals etc. that are best used etc.).


Bridget has also shared that there is a doctor from SJ who has offered to help us as needed (she has a reputation of being able to fundraise successfully). Bridget will send her information along to Alex to make contact.



                Board/Committee – Nelson has agreed to be on the committee that would answer questions in



Lot of people who are asking for financial statements from the Civic Centre and Bridget has suggested that Alex be cautious in who he is handing them over to.


Bridget also mentioned to John is the issue of cleanliness. They do know how to clean in their hotel chain and are willing to bring in this expertise to the centre. We should be taking advantage of these offers.



Bridget read a letter from the Parish of Waterford. LSD advisory committee – meeting was held last week. Nelson was not present.


                Bridget read through an interoffice memo that was from the original agreement from the

LSD’s (was it more an agreement Kings County Health Connection or Potash Corp Civic Centre or an agreement in regards to the 1 cent tax per $100.

Bridget will call Gary Fulton (original lawyer involved) and also will be writing another letter to the minister that if they were to exclude farmers and woodlot owners, our numbers would need to be changed in terms of what we are requesting.


Bridget met with Wendy McDermott and Blair from United Way (helps with all kinds of things such as staffing, business, bylaws).

They had gone through them for three and a half hours. She feels that they are very broad and too much detail etc., and thus this could set us up for being liable.

She gave us some things to think about such as recommended governance. It should maybe be more of a skills composition. How do we determine who we want to be on our board?

They interview, but seeing that we are volunteers that might be very difficult.

Committees – the challenge is that this adds another meeting but this might be how we can look at moving forward.

Bridget asks that we read through the documents that she has prepared and she has emailed out to everyone.

She has asked that everyone please jot down some notes to send her as well.

Lacking accountability as a board.

E.g. Secretary should be doing up the agenda each month and sending it out, not the chair.

Attendance by members.


*(Jodi motioned that Kevin his missed too many meetings and this is an infraction of the attendance bylaws so we will need to ask him to leave the board). This was not continued.


Bridget will ask Kevin if he will be available to be at presentations to the LSD’s to present the financials and if he is not, she will take this as an answer that he does not want to be on the board.




Doug O’Leary motioned that the meeting be adjourned and Patsy Shea seconded the motion.


                                                                                                                Motion 08-30-17-302-17-68 Carried


*Next meeting will be September 27th, 2017 at 7pm.