NOVEMBER 22, 2017


The Annual General Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Fundy Civic Centre Inc. was held in the Fundy Civic Centre, on Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017 at 7:00pm.


Bridget Ryan, Chair            Town of Sussex

Kevin Maillet, Treasurer            Town of Sussex

Raya Khedheri, Secretary        Parish of Studholm

Brenda Leask                Town of Sussex

Doug O’Leary                Parish of Studholm

Nelson Ball                Parish of Waterford

Shelly Vail                Kingswood University

Barb Daley                Parish of Cardwell

Alex Coffin                Manager of Potash Corp Civic Centre

Jodi Totton-Cummings            Parish of Sussex

Patsy Shay                Village of Sussex Corner

Nicole Clement                Village of Norton



Kirk Sabine, Vice-President        Kingswood University



Bridget Ryan, Chairperson called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.  Bridget began the meeting by introducing the Board of Directors.


Doug motioned the agenda be accepted, Nelson seconded the agenda.

Kevin Maillet moved to accept the minutes from the November 24th, 2016 AGM and this was seconded by Nicole Clement.                

                            Motion 2017 Annual – 01 Carried.



Bridget read her report as circulated which highlighted her role as the Chairperson since 2012.  She then read through the letter that she received from Minister Serge Rouselle which gave the approval for the property tax increase in sustainability of the Potash Corp. Civic Centre and also included the contingencies with this decision. This was followed with the response that we sent as a board which shows Minister Rouselle how we will meet these contingencies moving forward. This included such items as quarterly financial updates and various committees which would be reporting back to the Board on a monthly basis. (Full report presented with agenda)


Shelley Vail moved to accept the Chairperson’s report and this motion was seconded by Jodi Totton Cummings.                                

                            Motion 2017Annual – 02 Carried.



Alex Coffin Began by thanking Nancy Watters for allowing Ellen Watters’ memorial to be here at the Civic Centre. He also thanked the staff for their ongoing work and thanks to the contributions of the fundraisers. He spoke about the importance of the Sussex Swordfish swimming team as part of the Civic Centre. He discussed their role in special events including high school championships which were held here last year. The Para training event will be held here next weekend and this is another example of bringing support to Sussex area and the Potash Corp. Civic Centre.

In regards to the health care aspect of the centre, Cardiac Care being part of the Civic Centre is an asset and he would love as well to be a part of cancer recovery treatment in the future.

Alex stressed the importance of volunteers in their role in the Fundy Civic Centre including being part maintenance, fundraising, marketing, and finance committees.

He also emphasized the importance for ongoing internal fundraising despite the financial support of the tax increase.


Finance Committee – Doug O’Leary as chair of the finance committee presented his report (as included with agenda).

Marketing Committee – A report made by Jodi Totton Cummings as chair on the Marketing committee. She has met with Erika deWinter from the Amsterdam and hopefully they will come up with a plan reflecting the mission statement. The full report is included with the agenda.

Business Development Committee – Nelson will be chairing this committee in the upcoming year.


Kevin Maillet read through the Treasurer’s Report.  He is hoping the deficit will be repaid over the course of 5 years.

Final approval of the financial statements was made at the previous board meeting on Sunday, November 19th.

Doug O’Leary moved that Buckley’s be appointed as the Potash Corp. Civic Centre auditors for our fiscal year of 2017, this motion was seconded by Patsy Shay.       

                        Motion 2017 Annual – 03 Carried


Shelley read the report and reminded everyone that Bridget will be stepping down from the role of chair. Her seat will also be open.

Blair Hyslop has been nominated to Bridget’s seat on the board by the Town of Sussex, pending approval of the Board of Directors.

Shelley took the time to read a special thank you to Bridget Ryan for her role as the Chairperson of this Civic Centre over the last five years and all she has done to support it, despite all the obstacles. The role of Chair will be filled internally at the next board meeting.

A motion was made to accept the nomination of Blair Hyslop by Shelley Vail and this motion was seconded by Kevin Maillet.            

                            Motion 2017 Annual – 04 Carried.

Bridget wanted to introduce Blair as a business man in our community and we are pleased to have him on the board. He is an active member of the community in various endeavours and we appreciate his support of the sustainability plan and we welcome him as part of the board.


Kevin – presented the auditor’s report (which had been approved on November 19th, 2017 meeting).

Kevin read through the auditor’s report which has been included in detail in the AGM agenda.

Questions from the Board in regards to this auditor’s report –

Questions included:

Agency Revenue? – This was primarily Sussex Wellness Network (no longer continuing).

Difference in the fundraising numbers? – We want to be clearer when we fundraise. Fundraising specifically for the LEAP, while other fundraising is specifically for the Centre sustainability.

Expenses? – Maintenance, electricity

Questions from the public:

Question in regards to the involvement of Cardiac Care at the Civic Centre - how much they pay for that service – the way that works is that they become members after the recovery is done. They bring in staff members (nursing). The Potash Corp Civic Centre houses the actual program but after they will acquire memberships, thus drawing in more support.

When the money was accepted by the LSD’s – deficit funding (1%), the 1.5% will not be. Once we will have the deficit is paid off, we have to look at funds for the structure. We don’t want to stop with fundraising, as we want to see it reduced as much as possible. In January we will be hiring a bookkeeper for the Centre and moving forward with the contingencies.

Patsy Shay moved to accept the Treasurer’s report, and this was seconded by Doug O’Leary.   

                            Motion 2017 Annual – 05 Carried

A member of the public thanked Alex for his role in the Fundy Civic Centre in helping to keep it running well and Bridget Ryan thanked him for his hard work and commitment as well.


Patsy Shay moved the 2017 AGM of the Potash Corp Civic Centre be adjourned and this was seconded by Nicole Clement.    


Motion 2017 Annual – 06 Carried