March 27, 2019


The Annual General Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Fundy Civic Centre Inc. was held in the Fundy Civic Centre, on Wednesday, March 27, 2019, 2017 at 7:00pm.


Brenda Leask                                                  Town of Sussex

Raya Khedheri, Secretary                             Parish of Studholm

Doug O’Leary                                                Parish of Studholm

Doug Bobbitt, Vice Chair                             Village of Sussex Corner

Dan Reicker, Treasurer                                 Town of Sussex

Jodi Totton-Cummings                                Parish of Sussex

Jonathan Grimes                                           Kingswood University

Shelley Vail                                                     Kingswood University

Zachery Black                                                Business Manager

Jeff Gaunce                                                    Village of Norton

Nelson Ball                                                      Parish of Waterford

Blair Hyslop                                                    Town of Sussex

Barb Daley                                                       Parish of Cardwell

1.       CALL TO ORDER – Opening Remarks and Welcome

Douglas Bobbitt, standing Chairperson called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.  Each member of the board introduced themselves and their area of representation.

Zac Black, manager, introduced the Fitness Coordinator, Debbie Goodwin and Aquatic Coordinator, Lara Robinson.

2.       Manager Presentation

Presentation by new Manager – Zac Black highlighted the Centre through his report (attached).

A motion was made by Nelson Ball to accept the report as presented by the manager, Zac Black and this motion was seconded by Doug O’Leary.

Motion 2019 Annual – 01 Carried

3.       Minutes from 2017 AGM meeting

Barb Daley motioned that we accept the minutes from our 2017 Fundy Civic Centre AGM and this motion was seconded by Shelley Vail.                                Motion 2019 Annual – 02 Carried                                                                

4.  No business arising out of the minutes.

5.  Committee Reports

Maintenance committee report – given by Shelley Vail. She thanked volunteers Doug Reicken and Bruce Jewer for being part of this committee. This year there has been an energy audit and there will be further research into this by the board.

Marketing committee – as presented by Jodi Totton-Cummings.

Fundraising – Brenda Leask, presented the committee report and thanked the volunteers who are a part of this very active committee in order to raise money especially for capital costs of the center.

Strategic Planning – Nelson Ball presented the Strategic Planning committee report which was implemented after the refinancing structure.

Human Resources – Human Resource committee came out of the Strategic Planning, with a focus on business as one role and the other focusing on Fitness and Aquatics (programming manager).

Doug O’Leary motioned that we accept the committee reports as presented and this was seconded by Jeff Gaunce.

                                                               Motion 2019 Annual – 03 Carried                      

 6. Treasurer’s Report

    Overview was presented by our board treasurer, Dan Reicker.

A.      Donna Floyd Report – Donna Floyd presented the Independent Practitioner’s Review engagement report (attached)

Blair Hyslop motioned that we accept the Independent Practitioner’s Review engagement report as presented by Donna Floyd with the condition of adding specific funding identified from LSDs, Villages and town.

Jonathan Grimes seconded this motion.

                                                                Motion 2019 Annual – 04 Carried 

7. Chairperson’s Report

Doug Bobbitt as acting Chair, gave an overview of the Civic Centre since the last AGM of 2017.

 Shelley motioned that we accept the Chairperson report and this was seconded by Nelson

                                                             Motion 2019 Annual – 05 Carried

 8. Nominating Committee Report

 Nelson presented the nominating committee report.

Blair Hyslop and Jodi Totton-Cummings and Nelson Ball have completed their terms on the board, thus needing to be replaced. Marshall Fanjoy will be replacing Nelson on the board as the representative of the Parish of Waterford.

 Blair Hyslop motioned that the nominating committee report be approved and Doug O’Leary seconded the motion.

                                                         Motion 2019 Annual – 06 Carried

 9. Appointment of Directors

This will be completed at our next monthly board meeting.

 10. Adjournment

Blair motioned the AGM for the 2018 Fundy Civic Centre be adjourned.

                                                        Motion 2019 Annual – 06 Carried