Group Fitness

Here at the Nutrien Civic Centre we offer a variety of group fitness classes for everyone and every ability.

The Nutrien Civic Centre is a space that inspires greater health, human connection and empowered, personal growth by creating transformative fitness experiences to help you live well and be well.

Our group classes will guide, empower, and challenge you to transform your body, mind, and soul.

Following are our current Group Fitness classes available.

Aqua Arthritis
This class is in the therapy pool. It is a safe and gentle stretching and rage of motion class designed specifically for those with arthritis and joint issues of any age.

Aqua Fitness
An aerobic-type class in the water. Excellent for those with sore joints or those looking for no impact. This class will also improve flexibility, balance, and strength. All fitness levels welcome.

Aqua Step
An aerobic step class in the water! This class has the same benefits and description as above, except with the added Step feature.

Chair Yoga
A gentle stretching and range of motion class intended to improve flexibility and balance. The use of a chair is used for most of the class. There my be a standing portion to exercise balance. No exercises on the floor.

Dance Fitness
If you like to dance and you’re looking for a fun way to enhance your physical fitness, this class is for you! This is a fun and effective calorie burning routine that’s choreographed to high energy music.

Fit Over 50
Tailored to meet the needs of those over 50. This is a safe and gentle fitness class. Improve your cardio, range of motion and your muscles at your own pace. Listen to high energy classics and have fun! A step and dumbbells may be used. Mat is usually necessary. All fitness levels welcomed.

Interval Circuit (Previously RAW)
This is designed for the athlete in all of us. The “boot camp style” group fitness class takes place on our running track and uses various Interval Training formulas to guarantee an effective, fun, and sweaty workout. A variety of equipment will be used. All fitness levels welcome.

Morning Stretch
A gentle stretching and range of motion class intended to improve flexibility and balance. You will need a mat as most postures are on the floor with many modifications also provided. This class is suitable for all fitness levels. A mat is required.

Sculpt and Tone
This class in an effective total body, muscle conditioning workout utilizing a variety of equipment designed to strengthen and tone. A great full body workout with options for all ages and fitness levels.

Senior Power
Whether you want to improve flexibility, balance, endurance, or muscle mass this new class will help with that. Consists of a short strength and cardio component. Dumbbells/bands used, no exercises on the floor.

A cardio workout that is sure to have you sweating, smiling, and feeling alive! Energize yourself with fast-tempo music and endorphin-building exercise! Learn the basics from bike setup, indoor cycling essentials and proper techniques while on the stationary bike. All fitness levels welcome.

Step & Tone
Dynamic and creative movies are incorporated to create a fun and effective calorie burning routine that’s choreographed to high energy music. The steps vary intermittently with both lower and upper body toning movements that can be combined with dumbbells for increased resistance. The elevated step adds another level of aerobic fitness while improving endurance and stamina.

Sunrise Sweat
Rise and shine for this great early morning workout with an ever-changing line up of circuit style workouts combining strength and cardio in formats like Tabata, EMOM, and interval circuit – the perfect way to kickstart your day.

Teen Fit
If you are a teen aged 13-17 who is interested in joining the gym, has questions about the equipment or would like a Fit Start to get going, this is the perfect time to come in as there will be a certified staff member on the floor to get you started or answer any questions!

Walking Workout
This class is especially for anyone who prefers to walk the track btu also needs a little guidance with some resistance training. It is important to make use of our muscles as we age. Adding some strength training to that daily walk will help you keep healthy and strong. Join us Monday and Wednesday to get some guidance with a few strength exercises to go along nicely with your walk.

A great class to try yoga for the first time or to deepen an established yoga practice. This class focuses on developing strength and flexibility using a variety of yoga postures combined with breathing techniques to focus the mind and restore the body.

Team Dryland
Looking to get that extra edge during the season? We want to help bring your team to the next level! Contact us to schedule dryland training for your team!

Travelling Fitness for Seniors
We provide travelling fitness programs to seniors in the area who cannot make it into the Civic Centre. We offer various classes like chair yoga, stretching, fit over 50, and much more. If your a community organization in the greater Sussex region and you are looking to add some fitness to schedule, email us at or call 506-432-6100.